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Richmond Beach Rehab
19235 15th Ave. NW
Shoreline, WA 98177


Success Stories – Rehabilitation in Shoreline Brings Healing

Here are a few of the success stories that are told daily at Richmond Beach Rehab. The names of the participants have been changed to protect their identity but the stories are all real.

“Norma had fallen on her stairs at home and required a pinning to fix her fractured hip. When she first came to Richmond Beach,she had difficulty walking because of her surgical precautions and she also needed moderate assistance with dressing and self care. Norma was known for her diligent work in therapy, her positive and competitive attitude, and was also an inspiration to people around her! She had a very successful recovery, establishing all of her original goals in both occupational and physical therapy, and showed improvements in her strength, balance, and endurance. After one month of staying at Richmond Beach, she was able to return home with her husband.”

“Gloria arrived at Richmond Beach Rehabilitation from the ER with multiple health problems. Pain was her main limitation, but in order to return home safely, she needed to maintain (as well as improve) her overall strength and endurance while she recovered from her ailments. Despite her recent hospital stay, she brought along with her a pleasant attitude and an “Uff Da” pin that she proudly displayed on her sweater. Physical therapy focused on improving her strength, balance, and gait in order to increase her safety and independence. In occupational therapy, she worked on her activity tolerance and safety in performing everyday activities. After staying here at Richmond Beach for less than a month, Gloria was able to return home to her previous living situation.”

“Maddie came to the facility after sustaining a fall at home and fracturing her pelvis. She required maximum assistance with her mobility and dressing, and moderate assistance with her grooming. She stayed at Richmond Beach to work on her strength, balance, safety, and independence with tasks she would be completing at home. It would be common to see Maddie swiftly moving down the hall in a wheelchair, and with assistance, she soon progressed to walking around the halls with a cane. Maddie also was able to complete her household tasks safely with supervision. She will always be remembered for her very pleasant demeanor, and is headed home with her daughter to live in her own independent apartment.”

“When Edith first came to Richmond Beach, she was very deconditioned from pneumonia and COPD. Due to her medical complications, she received supplemental oxygen, required assistance with feeding, and needed total assistance with mobility, grooming, and dressing. Following a month and a half of receiving physical, occupational, and speech therapy, Edith can now walk 500+ feet with a four-wheeled walker (even outdoors!), is functionally independent in her room, and is eating all her meals in the dining area. She also no longer uses supplemental oxygen. Edith was able to return home with her daughter at a higher level of function prior to her hospitalization.

“Gwen had fallen at home and fractured her right hip. After receiving surgery at the hospital, she came to Richmond Beach needing assistance to stand up and walk with a walker. She also needed help performing the everyday tasks she would be doing at home, such as dressing and grooming. Throughout her stay here, Gwen had charmed everyone (including fellow patients!) with her quick wit, unparalleled humor, and genuine consideration for others. She made great gains in her strength, balance, and endurance and was able to return back home to care for her two dogs.”

“Marnie came to Richmond Beach after being hospitalized from an exacerbation of respiratory problems. She was being seen by physical and occupational therapy to help her regain her muscular strength and endurance and to use proper energy conservation techniques. When she first arrived, Marnie needed assistance with everyday tasks, was on supplemental oxygen, and could only walk a few feet with a walker before getting fatigued. She was well known throughout the building for her wonderful sense of humor, as a great friend for anyone to lean on and talk to, and a positive therapy advocate! After a little more than a month, Marnie was independent with all her tasks, was off of her supplemental oxygen, and was seen walking around the halls with her four-wheeled walker. She was able to return home.”