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Richmond Beach Rehab
19235 15th Ave. NW
Shoreline, WA 98177


Richmond Beach Rehab Testimonials

Here are a few experiences that residents of Richmond Beach Rehab have shared with us…

Our mother has had 5 separate stays here. One stay was for 110 days due to a spinal infection. She has always had the best care here. The staff are all kind, patient, and knowledgeable. She has never had a problem with her caregivers, she only has praise for all of them.

My own observations, I agree with her. All the aids are very professional and compassionate. I have never seen or heard anyone speaking or acting inappropriately. They are always working to keep her busy with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, activities, games, arts and crafts.

The only complaint she has ever had is about the food. Pretty bland, and little variations. However they have a dining room, and when she is well enough to make it there, the food is tremendously better than the food they bring to the room.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept my sincere compliments for the outstanding service that has been provided by one of your “aides”, Elias. My father was admitted to Richmond Beach Rehab and he is very pleased with the service that Elias has been providing him since his stay at Richmond Beach.

In addition to the positive feedback from my dad, I was very delighted to have had the opportunity of meeting Elias myself during my various visits to my dad at Richmond Beach. Even though Elias is providing care for multiple patients on a given day, I commend Elias’s multi-tasking abilities and his emotional resilience in never getting irritated or expressing frustration while executing the task at hand.

His professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in handling my dad’s specific issues provides me the peace of mind that my dad is well taken care of at Richmond Beach.

During a recent visit, I observed that Elias was busy taking care of my dad and concurrently, he also took the time to locate additional chairs so that other family and friends who were visiting my dad had a place to sit and spend time with him. For me as a son, this was a sigh of relief and I am deeply appreciative of his assistance and support.

While I recognize that Richmond Beach Rehab is- renowned for the service it provides, it should be noted that Elias is an asset to your company and is doing an outstanding job.

On other occasions when I visited my father, I felt that other “aides” also provided decent service however with Elias, my observation has been that he handles my father’s issues as if they were his own. I hope Elias is recognized for his efforts and please share this appreciation with him and thank him on behalf of everyone.

This is for Erin, the Administrator

As you may already know my father passed this morning. I just wanted to call you and thank you personally for the wonderful care my father received while there. I also want to thank all of your wonderful and caring staff for all they did. Thank you all so much.

“I just wanted to commend your social worker, Matthew, for being such an incredible resource for our family while my father was a resident there for 2 months. Matthew showed a consistent pattern of care and genuine concern for our Dad and made us feel like we were listened to, and Dad as well. He goes over and beyond the call of duty, and is an exceptional human being and employee. You are lucky to have him! Thanks!”

“My 84 year old Mother had several surgeries and a life threatening infection, she spent 3 months here and we are so grateful to the entire staff for literally saving her life. When first released from the hospital she was sent to another facility in Shoreline. That place was not good, at least for my Mom. We did a quick internet search and came up with Richmond Beach Rehab. We made an unannounced visit that day, and were warmly greeted by the staff and given an extensive tour. It was like night and day compared to the other facility.

Everyone on the staff is genuine, warm, reassuring, friendly and obviously well trained. we never had any worries about her care during her stay. The facility is light and bright with groomed courtyards that are accessible to the residents. There is an onsite gym with machines and obstacles for rehab. Everything is clean and nicely decorated. Our family is forever in their debt. :) :)”

“It would be a gross dereliction of duty not to tell you how great you people gave me a new life, even we 96 year olds can improve and you very well demonstrated that fact. My family cannot get over the great results still very careful to avoid fall always use the assist vehicle, also have a smaller rowing machine, scaled down model of your wonderful larger ones. All of your highly trained staff knew all of the ways to help people and I have great respect and warm feelings for them. Thanks again! ”

Richmond beach Rehab Center

To ALL the staff at the center: Administrator, therapists, nurses, aides and the quiet and efficient cleaning help to the cheerful young women who woke me at 6 AM with, “good morning ma’am, what would you like for breakfast?

Dear friends,

I have been home three weeks, organizing my life for the long haul to recovery. But you are all vividly in my mind and I shall not forget my association with you.

The professional caring, the kindness and the friendliness you exhibit toward your patients is exceptional. And, I have to add that the United Nations complexion is especially appealing to me. I never would have met so many interesting people from so many nations, were it not for my stay with you.

I wish I could extend a heart felt thank you to each of you by name (you knew me to be a wordy soul), but this page is not long enough to include all of you who make such an impact on me. Breaking your hip is NOT a fun experience, but I must admit I also had many moments of pure enjoyment as I interacted with whomever I was with at the time.

I wish each of you the fulfillment of your ambitions and dreams. If I ruled the world, that is what I would decree!

With love and gratitude

To the entire staff:

Thank you all so much for the gentle, loving care of my husband these last two years. I always felt he was in the best possible place during this time, but only after having been a patient there myself did I realize how outstanding a facility it really is. There are far too many people to thank personally. I found that every staff member from office, therapists, social workers, chef and kitchen help, nurses, aids, cleaning and maintenance crew were loving, kind, compassionate, professional in other words outstanding. I came to feel that I was with family while there. You all helped me laugh when I was sad. You have my eternal gratitude, friendship and love. May God be with you all.

Dear Nurses and Assistants

Thank you to each of you for all your help during my stay and rehab from hip replacement surgery. I cam on February 17th and I am leaving today on March 2nd. I’m thrilled to be going home but I am also very grateful to each of you for your response to my needs, your kindness and your patience. I can’t imagine doing your jobs and doing them as well as I have experienced the way you all do them. You are a unique group of people. A real united nations! Thank you for being so professional. I wish you all the same kind of committed care I received here, should you ever be in need as I have been. Thank you once again and best wishes to you all!